Our Commitment to Quality Honey

and Continuing a Legacy

At American Honey, our mission is to provide honey as consistent as the bees that produced it.  We know that in order to offer remarkable products we must take great concern from hive to bottle and to build lasting relationships we must take great responsibility for our products all the way to your final consumer.  As with the hive, we believe in the collective good of the whole. Our job is only done when everyone in the supply chain is working well together.

One way we ensure the integrity of our product is by working with approved suppliers that have a rigorous testing plan in place guaranteeing you and your clients that your honey is delivered with quality, every single time.

Continuing to Build Upon a Strong Foundation…

Above all American Honey is a family. We are part of a rich history and we never lose sight of that. We feel tremendous responsibility to both those who came before us and those that will pave the way for the future of our industry.  We are proud of our Imperial Valley and her undeniable connection to agriculture, bees, pollination, beekeeping conservation efforts and crop harvest.

We are farmers, beekeepers, forever students of the apiary field and informed honey industry advocates.  Principals of our organization are currently on or have been esteemed members of the National Honey Board, the National Honey Packers and Dealers Association, Western States Honey Packers and Dealers Association as well as the California Beekeeper Association

We celebrate partnership and see you, our client, as part of our extended family and lasting legacy.