Adriana Aguayo

Adriana Aguayo is the Food Safety Coordinator for Ashurst American Honey. In her current role,
Aguayo’s main responsibilities involve working to ensure quality and food safety regulatory compliance.
She schedules and supports with all annual third-party audits, stays current on information about
inspections and works diligently to ensure proper handling of honey and adherence to global food safety
standards during all aspects of preparation, production, and transport.

Aguayo undergoes extensive training and annual certification to ensure the strength and consistency of our product. She is Organic, SQF (Safe Quality Food) and FSPCA (Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance) certified as well as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) trained.

In addition to these critical duties, she supports with several administrative functions. Her commitment
to American Honey’s product quality and integrity has strengthened the entire Food Safety program and
continually benefits our customers. With her lighthearted love of Disneyland and action movies, she
keeps the team youthful and laughing.

Before joining American Honey 10 years ago, Aguayo held an assistant manager position in retail. She earned her Associate’s degree from Imperial Valley Junior College in 2003. A Native Californian, Aguayo was born in Oxnard, CA and has been in the Imperial Valley for more than 20 years. When she is not busy ensuring the integrity of American Honey product, she loves to attend church and spend quality time with her family and with her chihuahua, Canela.