Colby Ashurst

Colby Ashurst is the Production Manager for Ashurst American Honey and brings innovative passion and expertise to his position. In his role, Ashurst is responsible for the daily production of honey and the calibration of its complex flavor profile including; taste, color and moisture specifications. He is also charged with the routine management of the operational shipping team, assisting with the creative direction of the proprietary honey blends and ensuring all food safety regulatory compliance throughout the production process.

Ashurst’s beekeeping and honey supplier interest began at an early age with his proximity to the family business and the lineage of beekeepers before him. As his passion continued to grow, so did his interest in the supply of honey which led him to purchase and raise hives of his own. Additionally, he traveled to Whangarei, New Zealand in 2017 for an externship working at Wairua Apiaries as a beekeeper to provide full hive maintenance and Manuka honey recognition to 1,000 colonies where he learned several international best practices.

Ashurst’s hands-on approach to management and forward thinking has created production efficiencies and an improved ability to anticipate customer needs. Prior to this role, Ashurst was the Production Assistant for American Honey where he assisted in various daily operational tasks. He earned a B.A in Business Administration from Vanguard University of Southern California in 2016.

An Imperial Valley son, Ashurst was born in El Centro, CA. In his free time he can be found listening to
an educational podcast, playing soccer, chasing the perfect cup of java or on the beach with friends. He
is extremely passionate about his family, the ease of college accessibility for all and the future of the
honey industry.

Colby and his wife, Barbara, now also own and operate a boutique honey business called Good Honey.