Jorge Aguayo

Jorge Aguayo brings a wealth of financial knowledge to his role as the Director of Accounting & Scheduling for Ashurst American Honey. Aguayo exemplifies the perfect combination of direction, passion and experience to consistently propel the goals of our organization forward.

In his role, Jorge has the significant task of overseeing many integral operational duties. He is responsible all areas of finance and administration including: payroll, accounts payable and receivable, cash management, general ledger, inventory, banking and reconciliations. Jorge also directs all logistical preparation for the scheduling of freight shipments including contract review and regional rate negotiations. His proximity to the scheduling process makes him critical in providing guidance in organizational decisions. In addition to these critical duties, Aguayo supports with all budget planning and accounting preparation.

Aguayo’s attention to detail and ability to multitask plays a pivotal role in American Honey’s ability to provide superior customer service. He embraces his colleague bestowed title as the “heart of the office” with his ever-present “can do” attitude.

Prior to joining American Honey over 15 years ago, Aguayo was a staff accountant with Hutchinson & Bloodgood Accounting. He earned a B.A in Business with an emphasis in accounting from California State University, Fresno in 2003.

A Native Californian, Aguayo was born in Oxnard, CA and has been in the Imperial Valley for more than 20 years. When he is not busy keeping everyone at American Honey paid and organized, he loves to spend quality time with his wife and young son and watching any version of Batman.